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EP207: Michael Serbinis on Growth

Welcome to Season 2 of Connected Intelligence - a podcast about all the things we bring to work that aren’t actually about the work.

Michael Serbinis is the founder and CEO of League - a technology-focused health company powering the digital transformation of healthcare. Mike joins the podcast and shares his experiences creating, building, scaling, and exiting technology companies. We talk about his leadership superpower, and the difference between ideas and execution.

With more than $1B of exits, Mike is a visionary leader and entrepreneur who has built transformative technology and platforms across several industries. Serbinis founded and helped build Kobo, Critical Path, DocSpace, and now League. Hundreds of thousands of people across the world use digital health platforms powered by League to access, navigate and pay for care.

Mike is also the chair of the Board of Directors for the Perimeter Institute. He is also a member of the C100, the Business Council of Canada, board member for the CDL Rapid Screening Consortium, one of the first Fellows at Creative Destruction Lab, and the Vector Institute for Artificial Intelligence. In 2020 he was awarded the prestigious Region Builder Award by The Toronto Board of Trade.


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