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EP401: MK Messier on Passion

Welcome to Season 4 of Connected Intelligence - a podcast about all the things we bring to work that aren’t actually about the work.

Mary-Kay Messier is Vice President, Global Marketing at Bauer Hockey, the company that developed the first skate with a blade attached to a boot, forever changing the game of hockey. Mary-Kay is a committed advocate for the game with the goal of making it more accessible, inclusive, diverse and focused on fun. Under Mary-Kay's leadership, her team created the internationally successful First Shift program. Through partnership with the NHL, NHLPA, and Hockey Canada, First Shift has welcomed over 30,000 new families to hockey.

For the women's game, Mary-Kay is focused on advancing equity for the best women players in the world through the establishment of a sustainable professional league. This priority is grounded in her belief that when girls can dream of a career in pro hockey, hockey will grow in a more diverse way and more young girls will build self-confidence they will carry forever.

MK is an advisor for the advocacy group Play like a Girl and for the Professional Women's Hockey Players Association. In 2020, Sportsnet named Mary-Kay as one of the Top 25 Most Powerful Women in Hockey. This conversation is very special – we learn about MK’s approach to leadership, life, and the importance of embracing your passions.


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