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EP503: Kory Mathewson on Humour-in-the-loop

Welcome to Season 5 of Connected Intelligence - a podcast about all the things we bring to work that aren’t actually about the work.

How did a class clown turned award-winning comedian light up the artificial intelligence research community at the intersection of theatre and machine learning?

Kory is a Senior Research Scientist with Alphabet’s DeepMind and an Associate Industry Member at Mila – the Quebec Artificial Intelligence Institute in Montreal, Canada. He is a Lab Scientist with Creative Destruction Lab at the University of Toronto, where he supports massively scalable science-based startup ventures. Kory also serves as a Special Advisor to the National Research Council of Canada.

We talk about the importance of self-expression, the intersection of creativity and technical rigour, how many different types of laughter there are, and his vision for the future of improv. Spoiler alert - it involves robots!


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