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EP605: Caitlin Begg on Hypercommunication

How can we reimagine everyday conversation for more connective personal and professional dialogue?

Caitlin (Caity) Begg is the founder of Authentic Social and sociological researcher researching technology’s effect on conversation. She founded Authentic Social in 2016 after writing her undergraduate Harvard sociology honors thesis on how digital communication affects relationships and social interaction.

Caity presents her sociological research around the United States and Europe at a variety of academic and industry conferences. In parallel, she is conducting ongoing independent sociological research, with a focus on technology's effect on conversation and sociotechnical systems. Within these contexts, further areas of focus include: the effect of asynchronous communication and hypercommunication on daily interactions, artificial intelligence and human interaction, and more.

We chat with Caity about Authentic Social, the hyperactive digital world we live in, responsible AI, and how we can incorporate more intention in our daily conversations.


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